“We strive to develop & express ourselves by entertaining, educating & encouraging a creative connection for all who want to be a part of our burlesque whanau.
We celebrate our local & international whakapapa by being an Inclusive, diverse, body & sex positive safe space to nuture Tupu, Hauora & Mana for our community.”


Held over 3 nights and 4 days, the New Zealand Burlesque Festival offers an opportunity to experience the glitz and glamour of burlesque with shows, workshops and more. Not just for industry people, the Festival offers audiences the experience of top level burlesque across difference styles, as well as the opportunity to learn the art of burlesque and more in our public workshops. Performers from around New Zealand and internationally come to showcase and professionally develop their skills at NZBF.

Headliners in the past have included top names from around the world including, The Bishop of Burlesque, RedBone, Loulou D’vil, Ray Gunn, Bazuka Joe, Ginger Valentine, Lola Van Ella, Eva Strangelove, and more, including in 2017 an original Burlesque Legend, Judith Stein, who performed during the 1970’s of burlesque in North America.

Originally established in 2012, NZBF was relaunched in 2017 with great success by co-producers MisRed Delicious aka Kerry Wagstaff and Miss Cherry Lashes aka Melanie Chambers. 

MisRed Delicious has been involved in burlesque since 2010 and is the original director and producer of NZBF. She is also an internationally renowned, multiple title and award winning burlesque entertainer, and is the mistress of Red Delicious Productions which boasts a burlesque academy, regular shows and tour support for burlesque artists. MisRed is a passionate force in the New Zealand Burlesque scene, and is has built an international profile for herself, having performed around the world, including throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Having networked with international performers and well respected producers around the world, MisRed is out to prove to the world that NZ Burlesque can stand up to the international stage.


Miss Cherry Lashes has been involved in the NZ Burlesque industry since 2010 and has been found both behind the scenes as well as on the stage, from stage kittening, stage managing, performing, teaching and producing. This has included teaching at Hootchy Kootchy Girls Burlesque in Auckland and teaming up with Coney Bow to run “Pop Up Burlesque” and “Burlesque:The Workshops Series” to help cultivate the growth of New Zealand burlesque.

A glossary for those who are unfamiliar with the Maori Language (known as Te Reo Maori):
Te Ahurei Kani Whakatoi o Aotearoa – New Zealand Burlesque Festival
Kaupapa – Principles / Values / Policy
Whanau – Family
Whakapapa – Ancestry
Tupu – Growth
Hauora – Health ( includes physical, mental/emotional, spiritual & social wellbeing)
Mana – Honor / Respect / Presence


Photo credit: MisRed – Paradox Photography, Miss Cherry Lashes – AJ Photography