FAQ #1 – I’m about to apply for NZBF19. What do I need to have?

Make sure you have details about yourself (bio), a good promo photo, and details of up to 3 acts as well as footage of each act. It doesn’t have to be professionally shot footage, even rehearsal video is enough so we can get a feel for what your act is. Also make sure you have the application fee ready. If you want more info on preparing to apply for a festival, co-producer MisRed Delicious wrote a blog on the subject here.


FAQ #2 – I’m developing an act. Can I still apply?

Yes absolutely. We do need to see footage of your act though, even just rehearsal footage and without costume is okay. We need to get a feel for your act. Applications are open until 31 January though, so if you think you can hold off sending in your application to allow you more time, then that’s fine… but don’t miss the deadline!


FAQ #3 – I’m relatively new to burlesque. Can I still apply?

YES!!!!! We structure our festival to make sure we have a balance between experienced, intermediate and rookie performers, so there are spaces for performers across all levels to be a part of the event. If you’ve got a great act, we want to see it regardless of how long you’ve been performing! Find out more about the Burlesque festival Selection process here in a blog written by co-producer MisRed Delicious.


FAQ #4 – I’ve performed for the last 3 festivals. Can I apply?

Sadly no. As of this year we are instigated a rule that anyone who has performed 3 festivals in a row as the same persona will not be eligible to apply except by special invitation (i.e if you’ve performed as part of a group for the last 3 years, and applying as an independent performer that is perfectly acceptable, or vice versa). This is to ensure we that we are opening up a more diverse performer base and giving our audiences variety in what’s on offer. Large groups are exempt from this though as we recognize that troupes are rare and members may change.


FAQ #5 – Do you take just strip tease?


We recognise that burlesque is a diverse performance art which includes singers, circus, contortionists, pole, drag, comedy, illusion, mind mystery and more! While we are limited by our venue restrictions, almost anything that can be associated with burlesque is welcome to apply. Same if you think your style of burlesque strip tease is a little far out, we will still give the application the same consideration as all others. If you are not sure though, just ask us and we can let you know!


FAQ #6 – As a performer, what can I expect from 4 days of Festival activities?

We’ll be opening the festival with a casual mixer the Thursday night. This is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with our headliners, meet other performers and guests in a chill environment, ready to set you up for the few days ahead. On the Friday and Saturday days we will have a mix of theory and practical workshops that are open to everyone including the general public. Friday will host the Royal Tease show and Saturday, Spectacular Tease, each with an exclusive after party event afterwards. On Sunday we close the Festival with brunch, where we award the Highness of Hustle title (winner of the after-party shenanigans) and the Burlesque Exchange Scholarship to a NZ based performer. This is a great way to reconnect with everyone before travelling.


FAQ #7 – Do I have to be performing to run a workshop?

No absolutely not! If you have a workshop which has anything to do with burlesque, including wider performance arts, costuming, business, anything really that is of benefit to enhancing performer development, or even subjects that may of general interest to the public, then we want to hear about it. Applications are free for workshops, so apply with one or apply with many! It’s up to you.


FAQ #8 – Can I apply as a troupe and as an individual performer?

Yes absolutely. Being selected to perform as an individual will not rule out your troupe to perform… and vice versa. Each application is treated on it’s own merits and is given the same amount of review consideration as others. Just make sure you apply separately though as only one act for an application will be taken if successful.